Edith Buchanan Counselling Psychologist
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Career Development / Management


These workshops offered by Edith are structured, interactive and experiential.

  • Participants formulate, share and discuss with each other personal data, such as strengths, weaknesses, values, abilities, interests and motivation.
  • One of the objectives of the workshops is to encourage a systematic approach to self-exploration.
  • Participants are shown how to reflect on their careers and their progress toward goals. They are also shown and guided on how to re-evaluate and change their goals where necessary.
  • Various qualitative and quantitative techniques of assessment are used in these workshops.


Individual Counselling Individual Counselling

Edith offers individual counselling to adults and adolescents dealing with personal issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as those dealing with life adjustment such as retirement or retrenchment.

Couple Counselling Couple Counselling

Couple counselling is offered by Edith for those who are in a relationship and for married couples. She also offers pre and post-divorce counselling for couples and individuals.

Career Counselling Career Counselling

Edith offers an array of career counselling services for adults and adolescents, such as career assessments, subject choice guidance, career management guidance and more.