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Employability and Skills Training

Edith Buchanan’s employability services make the challenge of securing employment significantly easier. Each service is designed to ensure that clients are equipped with skills every successful job seeker should possess. This includes assistance with writing an effective CV and preparing for the all-important job interview.

CV Writing

During a job search, no other document plays as significant a role as the CV. It shapes a prospective employer’s first impression of an applicant and has a significant influence on whether they are invited for an interview. Statistics also show that, on average, 118 people apply for the same position and recruiters usually spend no more than 10 seconds looking at a CV. It is therefore crucial that a CV be effective in its ability to quickly yet adequately present an applicant’s key skills, qualities, qualifications and experiences.

Edith can help clients produce a CV that:

  • Impresses prospective employers
  • Is relevant and focused
  • Is interesting and well-written
  • Highlights the skills and qualities the individual can offer on the job market
  • Conveys insight into who the individual is, their achievements and how they can be valuable to prospective employers

Job Interview Training

In addition to the CV, it’s vital that applicants sharpen their job interview skills. As exciting as it is to be invited for an interview, the process can also be a daunting one should an applicant not be au fait with the correct etiquette and interview best practices.  Edith can help clients prepare for an interview through her interview training service which can be conducted individually or in a group.

Interview training will:

  • Provide the applicant with the essential skills needed for a successful job interview
  • Provide guidelines for answering difficult interview questions
  • Show individuals how to engage in interview behaviour, which gives a favourable impression and reveals their true potential
  • Make use of role-playing
Individual Counselling Individual Counselling

Edith offers individual counselling to adults and adolescents dealing with personal issues such as anxiety and depression, as well as significant life changes such as retirement.

Couples Counselling Couples Counselling

Edith offers couples counselling to couples who are married or in a relationship. She also offers pre- and post-divorce counselling for couples and individuals.

Career Counselling Career Counselling

Edith offers an array of career counselling services for adolescents and adults, including subject choice guidance, career assessments and career management.